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Unlock The Mysteries Of Your Past!

The only research I currently work on is Ships Logs * Immigration-Emigration- Naturalization- Census 1790-1930

All my research is done online and NOT at the archives.

My research is conducted through,, & Ellis Island.

Naturalization record copies do however come directly from the  Archives to you for a $15 fee that is to paid to the archives for providing the document copies.

Please know that immigration and naturalization records are linked together at the archives and in order to get naturalization records you will need to know what ship they came over on and their departure and arrival dates.

There are other questions needed to submit an inquiry to get your document from the archives.  I can help you find the information and help you prepare it for submission.

My fee is $100.00 that covers any subscription fees and time.

If  you would like to hire me or have a question please email me at:


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